It was a gloomy, dark night in Ocklahoma. It seemed  there was a calm atmosphere in that little house, too calm to be real.

The rain was gently tapping on the old windowpanes. The wind was blowing through the cracks and it was bringing with it a terrifying smell.

There was a creepy silence in the dining room and it was the same in the kitchen.

The only noisy it was possible to hear was the creaking of the wooden stairs to the basement.

You had to open  a little, creaking, red door  to enter the basement.

Its surface was rough and there were lots of wooden boards on it that probably someone had used like bars to bolt it.

They were nailed to each other, and the nails were rusted like the handle of the door.

It was difficult to go inside  because a library was blocking the entrance. 

Indeed lots of books were on the floor and lots of loose sheets.

In  the centre of the room there was just a chair on which a black man was tied with ropes.

The problem was just one: he was dead!

It was impossible to recognize him because his face had been disfigured by an acid-like substance. 

His breast was covered with blood and his bald head had a long scar.

And now: what will happen?

  • The scene shifts to Jenny, a young, South American woman that is going to Ocklahoma for a study trip. What will she discover? (44%)
  • It is possible to hear footsteps coming from the kitchen. Who will it be? (44%)
  • The news speak about the death of Jacob Evans, a famous politician of the city. Will he have anything to do with the story? (11%)
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  1. Hi there,
    I’m not that good with English, but I do believe I could handle a comment… Or not?
    Anyway, I would like to know that someone is moving in the kitchen, almost near to the dead bald man and it would be nice if this one Is the killer. But, please, don’t tell me who he is as this is a crime story… 🙂
    See you in the next!

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