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Special Days

I don’t like days that need to be good days just because someone, somewhere said that they should be so. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings…all the same for me.

But it doesn’t mean I can’t have fun either. I can. Just not of the overly-planned type.

So as you may guess, New Year’s eve, last night, was not my night. The feeling of not being able to be with all the people who matter to me. Of having to make a choice. This one or that one. I guess it’s like that every day of the year – just that on New Year’s eve, everything feels more. Because it is a special day; or so they say.

We are in a small village on the outskirts of Parma. The snow has just started to land. It gives me peace the snow in January, makes everything irrelevant. I just need to hold on a few more days and the melancholy will be gone. Always takes me a while to shake off the shackles of this mystery, the New Year’s sadness; which maybe has a name in a language I don’t know.

What should they do

  • Enter a cemetery (0%)
  • Stop for some food in the small village (100%)
  • Head straight back to Milan (0%)
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5 Commenti

  1. Hope you’ll go ahead even if I’m your only reader so far (just because of the Language, I guess).
    Let’s stop in Fontanellato, for instance, to taste ham, strolghino and parmesan.
    English is your mother toungue?
    Anyway, I’m a follower of yours

    • Thank you – much appreciated!! My mother tongue is Italian, but I find it easier to write in English, because I can focus more on the actual story (and less on the way of telling the story). Also, apologies for not respecting your choice…I thought no one was ever going to read my story, so I had already written the next chapter.

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