We are nothing without the bonds of togetherness and solidarity. Togetherness is a bond of friendship or community that helps us to grow and feel connected. It’s the kind of friendship that reminds us of our shared humanity, and encourages us to be compassionate, generous and supportive to one another. Togetherness gives us strength, hope, resilience, and purpose. It can be as simple as sharing a meal, a laugh, going for a walk, or joining hands in prayer. Togetherness gives us a sense of belonging, security and self-confidence. It also gives us a sense of purpose and a platform to tell our own stories and express our unique identities. Through it, we can learn to accept and embrace our differences, and develop meaningful relationships and stronger communities. Togetherness can make us whole, and it’s important to remember how powerful it can be. When we come together to rally around a cause, march for justice or reach out to those in need, we create progress, build strength and unity, and develop a greater sense of collective purpose. Together, we can give meaning to our lives, and make the world a better place.


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  • Hi Emily. Welcome to TheIncipit.
    The message of your short story is very good and interesting. But here where the users are the ones who move the story forward, try to put the positive message you want to give within a story that the users can “play” with. Take a walk through the other stories to get an idea.
    I vote for “love” and see you soon.

  • Hello Emily 🙂
    As is the first time I read you on The Incipit I want to give you a big Welcome 🙂
    Your story, or your message to be more specific, is a great message 🙂
    But here you will find yourself in an interactive website 🙂
    I want to give you some good advices on to use the site at its best
    1) try to use all the characters they offer you, as for each chapter you will be given 5000 , and you can use them to express your message even better
    2) try to create a story out of it, for what I read, it looks more like an advertisement then a proper story, and this is not the place you can advertise your own message as it’s an interactive website, and that will bring us to the next
    3) have a look around and read other people stories, that will be the only way to pass your message to more people 🙂
    I will give one more chance and i wait for you to bring us a nice story in the next chapter 😉
    I vote for love and see what you got
    See you soon 🙂

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