Casaregis as you’ve never seen it before

A big problem will involve students

On a day in January, when the cold winter was now the life companion of a school class in the province of Genoa, an event shook the balance, a bad storm hit the city, but it was not the usual drizzle a little heavier, it was more…

But let’s move on to what was happening inside the classroom, at least the environment there was still healthy. The students with their own noise did not allow the lesson thus arriving at recess at 10:30 in which, however, something disturbing happened, a bleeding body was found in the bathroom of the third floor, a boy of the fourth grade of age 17, an event that shook the whole school, Genoa, Liguria and all of Italy, the school was closed, consequently interrupting all the lessons of the Institute, the exit from the complex could make the environment even more gloomy, the investigations had to be carried out the same day with the presence of all the students, suspicious and non-suspicious, the night therefore had to be spent inside the classrooms. The next day, the awakening was not one of the happiest, but more of crisis, suffocation and high terror, the 1A of the Casaregis found itself decimated, ten students disappeared, possible escape in minor cases or in major cases the bled body found and the ten missing students had something really serious in common.

The fear increased dramatically because a news appeared on the news about a fungus, the Cordyceps which in everyday life affects only wild animals, but from today a possible evolution of the fungus will mean that we humans can also be fatally poisoned by this fungal virus.

The 1D class was the only one that, for better or worse, did not have barred windows and had an excellent view for total control of the supermarket in front and the square itself. The Police, the Carabinieri and the rest of the civil protection figures are nowhere to be found, the shopping malls, the shops all closed. In a short time, the school built a simple but strict methodology. This method, however, did not come to life, in fact it lasted only one day, because fear and terror took control even of the headmaster who until now had managed the control in a perfect way and manner. The night came, it was not the same as the first one because now the 1D was a real “military” defense, the control of the classroom was managed by four students, Alessandro, Mohammed, Matteo and Asia, the controls at the windows by two students, Giorgia and Leonardo, instead in the corridor of the classrooms the management was in the hands of eight students, of the 1D only three, Craciun, Hilary and Josue and the other 5 of other classes. 

The bell rang at 6 in the morning and from the window there was a sound of breaking doors, they were the main entrances, a wave of intoxicated people of Cordyceps infested the ground floor, they mauled the first people and reached the second and third floors, the management of the corridor was suspended and the intoxicated took control of all the classes except the 1D that with a defense in full control of all, They had had time to build a strict method based on group work, and in the end they had earned survival, now they had to choose three paths but only one will lead them to another day of survival.

What path should they take?

  • Get out of the classroom and explore the school for resources and supplies (46%)
  • Staying in the classroom and hoping not to be attacked by the intoxicated (38%)
  • Leaving the classroom and attempting to escape (15%)
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  • Feedback da parte della docente: buona la trama, invoglia il lettore a proseguire nella lettura. Attenzione a non strutturare frasi troppo lunghe e articolate (che non è tipico della lingua inglese, a differenza dell’italiano).
    Buon lavoro!

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