Casaregis as you’ve never seen it before

Dove eravamo rimasti?

What will be their first move? Go around the Bars and Night Clubs (50%)

Back to the past, or maybe...

During the fifteen-hour flight to Miami, the group had plenty of time to rest, eat and exchange a few words, because the last time they were able to do so was at school.

Once we arrived at the Miami airport, strangely everything was quiet because the Florida area had been surrounded by a sort of Chinese but Americanized wall.

Once in the city center, the group knew very well that Miami was mainly known for its clubs and drug cartels… they were optimistic and began to think that they could live their lives freely and normally.

So they chose to walk along the beach and through the clubs… arriving at the end of the day, they decided to rent two rooms at the Ocean View, a hotel embroidered in Florida and in the most fabulous city in the world.

The next morning, they woke up with the TV on, playing Fox News with some very scary news, a new Drug Cartel from Colombia was coming soon that was similar to that of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, better called “Pablo Escobar “.

The new cartel, led by Pablo’s son, Sebastian Marroquin, caused a sensation, and the group seemed to have forgotten about the apocalypse they had previously experienced.

The group, always united and always together, were positive and believed that this could not be a hindrance in their daily affairs, but in the evening of the same day, all of Miami changed, because the Narcos began to arrive, more powerful than ever.

Then the group, ready to rest, had with them a choice to make, which in no way concerned a “return” to Genoa and Italy. 

He had three different ways he could deal with the situation.

Because the development of this cartel could end soon, very soon, given that by being splendid and bringing an entire state to its knees, they had provoked someone or something bigger and stronger than Cocaine and an AK-47…

How were they supposed to deal with Sebastian Marroquin?

  • Run away from Miami but not from Florida (0%)
  • Wait for the salvation... (100%)
  • Fight with all your might (0%)
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  • Feedback da parte della docente: buona la trama, invoglia il lettore a proseguire nella lettura. Attenzione a non strutturare frasi troppo lunghe e articolate (che non è tipico della lingua inglese, a differenza dell’italiano).
    Buon lavoro!

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