The first flight

The evening before taking the plane I was very stressed because it is my first time, the trip lasted more than 10 hours and I was traumatised by the news of crashed planes I had heard on TV.

The following day Gregor went to the airport. One thing we didn’t say about Gregor he is a secret agent. After check-in prepare to board, he is very scared.

His seat number is 048b near the cockpit, he is very stressed, but he couldn’t wait to leave to get to a small island where he had booked a room for his holidays.

During the flight there was a lot of turbulence, the plane was shaking so much that it seemed like it was falling.

What will happen to Gregor ?

  • Gregor faints due to the turbulence. (44%)
  • The plane does not crash. (22%)
  • The plane crashes. (33%)
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