The trio

The beginning of a long journey

Robert entered a saloon and started drinking until at a certain point… We couldn’t believe his eyes. He sees Mikael his best friend, he thought he was dead along with the rest of the gang. The two started chatting but Mikael didn’t recognize Robert until the latter showed a photo of him with their gang. Mikael remembers the two go up to the second floor of the saloon which is more reserved and begin to talk about business and a bank robbery in New York, the robbery they never managed to pull off. They would like to find the rest of the gang but he is thought to be dead but at a certain point a boy named Bartol appears, the latter says that he is interested and has experience because his father was one of the most wanted criminals in the United States. The two leave for a long journey and go towards the forest to camp but along the way they encounter the enemy gang and rob the three but they react with weapons in their hands and take them out. Once they arrived at the camp they decided to split up. Robert will make preparations for the heist from his trusted contacts, Bartol will take to the nearest town and Mikael will go looking for the old gang members. Along the way the three meet in a small town and meet 2 guys named Jack and John. the two invite the 3 to their camp, the three followed them but were ready to put their weapons in their hands. Jack wants to talk to Robert the eldest of the 3, the two talk and Jack reveals that he is actually a sergeant in the US Army and has a large bounty on Robert, the two aim at each other and John begins to aim at the others while shouting to Bartol: ‘BOY LEAVE THESE GUYS ALONE THEY ARE JUST USING YOU!’

How will it end?

  • Bartol tries to shoot but realizes that the gun has no shots (44%)
  • Bartol doesn't trust it and shoots the two brothers (33%)
  • Bartol listens to the two brothers and joins their side (22%)
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  • Feedback da parte della docente: bravo! Hai scritto un racconto molto interessante e avventuroso in cui non sono mancati i colpi di scena. Ho apprezzato le ultime righe finali, che lasciano presagire un seguito a questo racconto…

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