The trio

Dove eravamo rimasti?

How will the story end? the trio reunite, train and then kill Natan (46%)

The Trio

Robert and Carlo reach Alex in Rhodes, the three are happy to see each other again after a long time and now they all have a common enemy: Natan. Before going to the Blackwater police station the three trained with aim for a week and finally the end of the journey had arrived. The trio heads to Blackwater to eliminate Natan, as soon as they arrive they find a lot of policemen who shoot Carlo in the shoulder and the latter falls to the ground. Robert thinks about treating Carlo and shooting the police while Alex advances. Alex’s horse abandons him and he continues on foot, killing the policemen in the middle of the shootout, Carlo recovers and the other two reach Alex. The three enter the police station and take out the last policemen but do not find Natan. At a certain point Natan comes out from behind Robert and takes him hostage but Alex shoots Natan’s gun. The latter pretends to surrender but throws a fire bomb which causes the building to collapse and Natan escapes. Reinforcements arrive and Robert and Carlo think of them instead Alex chases Natan. Alex shoots Natan’s horse which falls into a waterfall and Natan is about to fall too, he clings to the rock trying to climb up and asks Alex for mercy but he mercilessly tramples on Natan’s hands making him fall. After a while the others arrive and Alex tells them it’s over and the trio hug ending their life of crime.
A few years later an aged Robert recounts his epic adventures to his son Adam and he is fascinated by his father’s old life. Robert shows Adam a photo of him and his former gang and his son smiles.


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  • Feedback da parte della docente: bravo! Hai scritto un racconto molto interessante e avventuroso in cui non sono mancati i colpi di scena. Ho apprezzato le ultime righe finali, che lasciano presagire un seguito a questo racconto…

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