The trio

Dove eravamo rimasti?

How will it end? Bartol tries to shoot but realizes that the gun has no shots (44%)


Bartol doesn’t trust the brothers and so he puts the iron in his hand but when he’s about to fire the gun doesn’t fire because it doesn’t have any bullets. the two brothers start laughing and throw barbs at each other’s shoulders, the latter falls to the ground and shouts to Robert and Mikael “RUN”!!! A 2-on-2 firefight begins. The two agents wound Robert and Mikael so the latter 2 escape, John captures Bartol and Jack chases the others. During the chase the 2 split up, Robert finds himself in a dangerous area, the territory of the murfree, a crazy group of sick guys who torture people for pure fun. Robert, very tired, stumbles upon a bear trap and those crazy Murfrees show up, aiming at Robert. Robert faints and they kidnap him. Meanwhile Mikael, without knowing what to do, finds a house and decides to go in to spend the night, inside the house there was an old member of the gang, Carlo directly from Italy. Mikael tears with joy and explains the situation to Carlo, the latter says that Alex, another member of the gang, is alive and doesn’t live very far from Carlo’s house. the two go to visit him and Mikael explains the situation to him too. After some time Mikael notices that Robert doesn’t show up for a while so he goes to look for him and during the search he sees a poster with Bartol’s face and it says that he will be executed in a couple of days. Mikael has to make a plan with his old friends to save bartol and then once they have saved bartol look for Robert too.

Will the three manage to save Bartol?

  • No, Bartol will be executed (13%)
  • Yes, by blowing up his cell with dynamite (73%)
  • Yes, by dressing up and pretending to be policemen (13%)
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