The trio

Dove eravamo rimasti?

Will the three manage to save Bartol? Yes, by blowing up his cell with dynamite (73%)

The escape

Mikael, Carlo and Alex plan a plan to free Bartol and then look for Robert. So the three decide to buy some dynamite from Mikael’s uncle, a crazy old man called old Jones. Carlo and Alex go to stock up on weapons and ammunition and Mikael inspects the prison, the other two steal an escape wagon. Meanwhile Robert is in a Murfree base, he is injured and hanging upside down, those crazy people torture him in every possible way but when one of the Murfree is distracted he tries to free himself by taking a knife that had accidentally fallen on the ground. Robert takes the knife and cuts the rope, kills the Murfree member and escapes silently. The three practice aiming by shooting at bottles, however the day of Bartol’s escape had arrived. They take the cart with the explosives and head to the prison where the boy is trapped. Jack mocks Bartol by saying that it’s over for him now, tomorrow he will be executed and laughs out loud. The three arrive, put on bandanas and go behind Bartol’s cell. they put the dynamite and make it explode, Bartol smiles with joy and starts a firefight with all the law of that town. Mikael shoots Jack straight in the head saying “See you in hell” Bartol is unfortunately shot in the leg. The wagon they arrived in is destroyed so the 4 steal some horses and escape from the town. After the incident a month passes and Robert returns to the camp explaining what happened, Robert is happy to see the old members of the gang alive and well. the gang is finally ready to do the heist in new york they go to take a ferry and finally arrive in new york.

Once we arrive in New York what will happen?

  • They will meet a commissioner who is hunting them (55%)
  • They'll go drinking (9%)
  • They will go to inspect the bank (36%)
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  • Feedback da parte della docente: bravo! Hai scritto un racconto molto interessante e avventuroso in cui non sono mancati i colpi di scena. Ho apprezzato le ultime righe finali, che lasciano presagire un seguito a questo racconto…

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