The trio

Dove eravamo rimasti?

Once we arrive in New York what will happen? They will meet a commissioner who is hunting them (55%)

The bank heist

Once they arrive in New York, the gang meets Commissioner McCarthy and tells them that he has a price on their heads and that if they don’t pay it they will be killed or captured. The gang arrives at the bank and Carlo and Alex visualize the interior of the bank while the Trio visualizes the exterior and the methods from where they can enter. During Simeon’s inspection, a trusted contact of Robert arrives and sees them inspecting the bank and Simeon says he has some work for the heist for them to do. The gang splits up and prepares for the robbery by taking everything needed for the robbery (elegant clothes, stagecoach for the escape and weapons). After making the preparations, the robbery begins. Alex and Carlo will act as guard and the trio will take the money. They arrive at the bank pretending to be nobles. The bank employee accompanies Robert, Mikael and Bartol into the cave because the three say they have to withdraw some money, at a certain point while Robert is talking to the employee Mikael knocks him out from behind and the trio begins to break into the bank secretly until the others notice and start running away with the law in pursuit. A chase full of tension begins, the law shoots at the wheels of the gang’s stagecoach and they escape to a cemetery but are surrounded by the police.

Who will die?

  • Alex (11%)
  • Carlo (33%)
  • Bartol (56%)
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