The trio

Dove eravamo rimasti?

Will Mikael and Alex find Nathan? Yes but he won't remember them (50%)


Mikael Alex arrives at Natan’s refuge in the mountains and finds him, Natan is happy to see his old friends and Mikael explains everything that happened to him, asking him for help in trying to avenge Bartol. Natan has never met Bartol but since Natan is Mikael’s friend he decides to accept. The new trio will remain refugees in the mountains for a few weeks but after a few days difficulties arrive, the supplies are increasingly scarce and the temperatures are below 0. the three decide to hunt something so they split up, Mikael hunts a deer, Alex a rabbit and It’s not going so well for Nathan. He finds a bear but the bear notices him and jumps on him, the boy shoots in the air to warn his friends that he is in danger. Mikael and Alex hear the shots and immediately go to check and on the way they find Natan dying without a hand, with a leg completely bitten off and a broken arm. The bear approaches while he is enjoying Natan’s hand and starts running to attack the other two too but they were faster and shoot the bear in two with a heavy rifle. The three got a lot of meat and fur but Natan will have to rest for quite a while. While Mikael is treating Natan, Alex sees some men and follows them there and finds himself in an O’driscoll base and kills them in stealth and takes some supplies including a sheet of paper where the plan for an attack on the train. Alex shows this paper to Mikael and Natan wants to participate but is not in a position to do so

What will Nathan do?

  • Nathan does as he wants and decides to participate (42%)
  • Mikael and Alex fail to convince Natan and he decides to do the heist (42%)
  • Mikael and Alex convince Natan and decide not to do the heist (17%)
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  • Feedback da parte della docente: bravo! Hai scritto un racconto molto interessante e avventuroso in cui non sono mancati i colpi di scena. Ho apprezzato le ultime righe finali, che lasciano presagire un seguito a questo racconto…

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