The trio

Dove eravamo rimasti?

What will Nathan do? Mikael and Alex fail to convince Natan and he decides to do the heist (42%)

The train

Mikael and Alex try to convince Natan not to participate but he doesn’t listen to them and decides to participate anyway. While Natan heals, Mikael and Alex make an inspection of the train location and immediately jump into the train. When the two are about to return home a man from afar shoots Alex’s horse and approaches the two of them. Alex gets on Mikael’s horse and begins a frantic chase. The man shoots Mikael in the shoulder and falls from the horse. The man approaches and he is a law enforcement officer who is looking for the gang. The officer is about to shoot Mikael in the head but Alex is first and saves Mikael. Other men approach and the two shoot them and return to the shelter. A few days later the heist begins and the trio goes to the place of the heist and wait for the train, in the meantime the three talk about their previous adventures and joke with each other but as soon as they hear the sound of the train they get ready and as soon as it approaches they jump on the train but given his condition, Natan is unable to climb and falls. The other 2 shoot the guards and take everything they can get. The Engine Driver runs away because he sees a bridge broken in half. The two realize it late and risk falling but they get out of the train in time before it falls and go to recover Natan and return to the camp. Once they arrive at the camp with a good loot of weapons and money they decide who to kill first between John and Commissioner McCarthy

What will happen?

  • McCarthy and the army attack them (0%)
  • they choose to kill McCarthy first (0%)
  • they choose to kill John first (100%)
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