The trio

Dove eravamo rimasti?

What will Alex do? Send a letter to Robert and Carlo (43%)

The other two

After Mikael’s death, Alex is desperate and doesn’t know what to do but then he gets the idea to send a letter to his friends Robert and Carlo. Robert now lives in Canada with his family and manages to resolve his relationship with his wife Emma and son Adam. During a sunny morning Robert goes to collect the mail like every morning but a letter arrives that he never expected. In this it says “Hey Robert if you are reading this letter it means I’m still alive but Mikael isn’t there, that damn Natan betrayed us. McCarthy is dead and so is John but Natan has to pay with his life “, please brother help me see you near Rhodes Kind regards, Alex.” Robert is enraged and puts on his hat, takes weapons and heads to Rhodes, he is in his beloved Sicily with his brother Piero, together they are fishermen but they had a gangster past in fact before Carlo met Robert Mikael and. the others were part of a gang of gangsters together with Piero. During a robbery in the central bank of Palermo the 2 of them ended up in prison and the rest of the gang was killed in the United States after a day of fishing Piero and Carlo rest and the following morning the same letter arrives and Carlo decides to help Alex too.

How will the story end?

  • Natan finds Alex (15%)
  • They immediately go to kill Nathan (38%)
  • the trio reunite, train and then kill Natan (46%)
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  • Feedback da parte della docente: bravo! Hai scritto un racconto molto interessante e avventuroso in cui non sono mancati i colpi di scena. Ho apprezzato le ultime righe finali, che lasciano presagire un seguito a questo racconto…

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