Luca and the treasure

the beginning of the adventure

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Luca, who lived in a small country town surrounded by green fields and woods. Luca was a curious and courageous boy. One day while he was going for a walk in the woods with a friend of his, while crossing a bush he stumbled upon something. Getting up and turning around he noticed a small box, together with his friend they opened it and inside they found some papers and a statuette covered in gold. Reading on the internet they discovered that those papers and the statuette date back to a people who had settled there many years ago. Digging deeper they discovered that those people buried an entire fortune in an unknown place. After reading Luca and his friend took the box and took it home, after much research they managed to translate the writings on the sheets, but in those sheets there was not a hint of a hidden treasure. But then looking more closely at the statuette they saw some small writing. They managed to translate the sentence and that sentence indicated that the treasure was near an oak tree next to a large rock. Luca and his friend immediately ran to look for him but found nothing. The next day they called other friends and together they searched all over the town, at the end of the day when they were about to give up Luca saw an oak tree near a rock, he immediately called his friends and with a shovel they started digging and after a few minutes they finally found one very damaged wooden box. They took it and took it to Luca’s house, and as soon as they opened it they couldn’t believe their eyes, inside there were some gold coins from statues that depicted gods and at the bottom there was a piece of paper that was all ruined and it was impossible to translate it.

The next day all of Italy knew about their discovery and they were also published in one of the most important newspapers in Italy, a lot of journalists and interviewers came, then the casket and the trunk were placed in an important museum in Rome, and Luca was satisfied of the beautiful experience.

what would you like in the next episode

  • Luca with all his friends creates a treasure search team (71%)
  • Luca leaves for a town to find a treasure he has never found (21%)
  • Luca discovers a new hidden treasure (7%)
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