The brothers samurai

The start

A long time ago in a small village in ancient Japan there were two brothers named Zoshi and Naghiri with a passion for kun fu and samurai Their parents had died a few years after their birth and in fact they lived with their teacher until they came of age. However, a challenge arose between the two as to who could become the best samurai between the two and so every day they challenged each other and wanted to show the master who was the best, only with Zoshi he was more interested unlike Naghiri who was not very calculated by the master. One day he was frustrated with his treatment by his master and Naghiri killed him and ran away and his brother left alone promised himself revenge and that one day he will become the greatest samurai of all time. Naghiri, having now escaped, stopped in the forest for the night and, hungry, looked for anything to eat, he arrived in front of a river and burst into tears, he collapsed on the ground and fell asleep and during the dream he saw his master and suddenly he woke up seeing the The king’s guards look for him. Zoshi, however, continued to train to prepare for revenge. 

Che cosa accade?

  • Will a war break out with the two brothers as leaders? (29%)
  • Will Naghiri clash with other people along the way? (21%)
  • Zoshi avenge his master? (50%)
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    • Ciao, mi è caduto l’occhio sul racconto e poi sul tuo commento. Se ho capito bene stai usando questo strumento per far esercitare i tuoi ragazzi nella scrittura in inglese. Sei davvero una grande!!! Idea geniale. Oltre il fatto che vai a stimolare anche la passione per la lettura e la scrittura di cui c’è tanto bisogno. Davvero complimenti! Anche io sono un docente (di tutt’altro tipo). Hai avuto davvero una bella idea! 👍

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