The weird family of the Winter Park Avenue

Dove eravamo rimasti?

What do you want to happen in the next chapter? Lisa tries to find out more about the strange family. (71%)

Chapter 2: Secrets

(first of all I want to clarify that there was a small translation problem, the perspective is still that of the character “Lisa” and not that of a boy haha)

Lisa seemed very interested in what she had told her that boy, so much so that she spent 2 and a half hours trying to find the boy’s name. After so much effort she found the name and came up with several things that surprised her.

-“Eric Brown”. Voilà! Let’s see what else we find. -She said very excited to know at least his name-. First place in the algebra contest at the “College St Francis” high school, Ha! so that was why he treated me as if I were stupid to say that it wasn’t that difficult for him to do all those exercises.

Lisa was reading so many news about that boy for a long time, until she found a somewhat particular news that took all of her attention.

-“Steph Evans, part of the algebra team at the “College Valle Azul” school, was found dead one day after the championship against the “College St Francis” high school where the renowned member Eric Brown participated. No suspects have yet been found to this day, but it is believed that it was the aforementioned Eric Brown since they had had several verbal confrontations in previous championships.

Lisa, after reading the news, was perplexed but still wanted to know more about Eric and his history and family, since she also found that his family could be involved in Steph’s murder, and other strange incidents that by chance were people who knew and were close to them.

-I have to find him and ask him what all this is about, I’m starting to feel afraid of what he could have done… -Lisa said in a frightened tone, she thought that maybe what everyone was saying about his and her family was true.

What will Lisa do now?

  • He confronts Eric to ask him what really happened. (50%)
  • He goes to Steph Evans' family to ask them what happened. (30%)
  • Lisa goes to her parents so she can ask them more about Eric's family. (20%)
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  • Feedback da parte della docente: attenzione ai tempi verbali. Ricorda di mettere la “s” in terza persona singolare del presente indicativo e di coniugare i tempi al passato quando hai iniziato la frase al simple past.
    Buon prossimo episodio!

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