the survivors

the survivors

it was an afternoon in August and the passengers on this plane started to feel hot so an Italian boy went to ask the stewardess why it was so hot and the stewardess said that one of the two engines was overheating, everyone panicked because the pilot was forced to make a very dangerous off-runway landing because the first part of land where he could land was a jungle, the plane after many maneuvers landed and everyone died except 5 boys at the bottom, the 5 boys got off from the window that had broken with the impact of the landing and they began to explore the jungle, after 5 minutes they found a log to sit on so they started talking and getting to know each other, after 5 minutes of chatting they discovered that all 5 of them were from Puglia. evening arrived and they thought they would go and find something to eat so they went into nature to look but after 500m two of the 5 had a very dangerous encounter, they met a hungry tiger…

what is the continue?

  • they manage to kill the tiger (37%)
  • both survive (11%)
  • one of the two is eaten and the other runs away (53%)
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