A strange disappearance

Dove eravamo rimasti?

What happened to the other two pupils? They met a strange person they had never seen before? (50%)

In search of missing students

Edoardo had been looking for his classmates for almost an hour now but he didn’t see them anywhere; at a certain point he began to see and hear strange things: shadows on the walls, sounds of breaking glass and the most absurd thing: kids screaming. Edoardo, hearing and seeing all these things, the first thing he thought was to go back saying he hadn’t seen anyone, but then he gathered courage and decided to go in the direction from which the screams were coming. He kept walking until he found…

what did he find?

  • A man with a knife in his hand chasing Giada and Emanuele (38%)
  • A man in disguise who was trapping them (63%)
  • The corpse of Giada and Emanuele (0%)
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